A New Blog!

Hello, friends!  I am excited to announce that I have created a new blog.

A Few Beads Short is “an honest look at the life of one Catholic mommy.”  The name comes from my realization that I’m “a few beads short of a full Rosary.”  AKA Far from perfect! Please check it out!

I think – hope! – you’ll enjoy it.

And please leave a reply.  I’ve realized that replies are the food that keep us bloggers going.   It’s no fun to think you’re talking to empty space, and lots of fun to be involved in a community of like thinkers… or even just thinkers, even if they don’t “like” everything you have to say.

Special thanks to my hubby who created one blog for me two weeks ago (www.honestcatholic.com).  Then I realized that I didn’t like the name - what am I, some demagogue of honesty, or am I comparing myself to Honest Abe?  The sweet man created “A Few Beads Short” without a single complaint.

They say that our job as spouses is to help eachother get to heaven.  By providing Ray with many opportunities to be patient with me, I believe I am fulfilling my responsibilities.

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