Catholic School or Home School – The Decision

I’m sure you’ve been waiting on the edge of your seat (ha!) since my July post regarding the education of my children – Catholic School or Home School? . Based on my lack of posts, you’re probably assuming that I’ve decided to home school, and have been too busy trying to figure out what on earth I’m doing to sit down and write anything. If this is the case, you’re one third accurate.

You see, when I called the school principle to tell her that I didn’t think we’d be coming back this year, I started bawling. This gave me some insight into the fact that I was more torn about the decision than I was admitting to myself. In particular, I was traumatized by the mere thought of Zach and Morgan’s reaction when we told them that they wouldn’t be going to St. Malachy this year.

So, we decided to stick with the status quo for them, but to give homeschooling a shot with our four-year-old, Isaac. Isaac was never too keen on the idea of going to school anyways, so it was a relatively easy decision. Ironically, when I told Zach and Morgan that I would be teaching Isaac at home, they were both a little jealous, but they got over it once they saw their class lists and purchased their school supplies. In some respects though, I do think they’re a bit envious of all the time Isaac gets to spend with Mommy.

And I confess that I’m envious too – envious of all the time they spend at school that I miss, that portion of their growing up that I’ll never see. I hate the fact that they often come home tired and sullen after a long day, and I know that I’ve missed their best hours. I am saddened that we seem to have very little quality time squeezed in between homework and football practice.

So, these last few weeks I’ve been trying to find the perfect balance between school, homework, activities, friends, and family time. It’s left us all exhausted and stretched a little thin. Looking around at other families, I’m pretty sure that a “perfect balance” is unattainable. But I can, at least, make sure that first things come first.

Homeschooling Isaac has been an absolute joy, and I’m very glad that I’m doing it. I’m getting to know my baby boy better than I possibly could have if I were sending him to preschool. I’m beginning to understand how he learn bests, the things he doesn’t like to do, and the things he doesn’t want to do because they’re a challenge for him. In the weeks to come, I must figure out how to respond to this new information by building on his strengths to diminish his weaknesses and help him grow into the boy beautiful and brilliant boy that God made him to be.

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