Great Family Fun

My friend Katie introduced me to a new website, Shannon’s Tot School, yesterday and I’m so enamored, we’ve already done two of the activities.  Sidewalk painting was fun, but the “laser” obstacle course was definitely worth writing about.

My husband took care of setting up the course, and it took him less than ten minutes. I wanted to add a Christian element, so I took a page from The Book of Eli movie to create a scenario for the children.  We pretended that there was only one copy of the Bible left in the world. The evil emperor knew that God’s Word had the power to save the world, and had locked it up behind a laser alarm system. The children’s mission was to get through the course, rescue the Bible, and carry it back out without letting it touch the floor.  Of course, all of this must be done without touching any of the “lasers”.

(Some may feel that it’s a sacrilege to play a game with a Bible, but I felt that since it was teaching the kids the life-saving power of God’s Word, He would be OK with it.)

We did this just before bed time, which was probably not the brightest idea. We could have kept going for hours, and the kids wound up going to bed rather late because we were having so much fun. Daddy ran the stop watch, while I took pictures, and we both refereed. Not surprisingly, eight-year-old Zach (the oldest) won, completing the course in just 21 seconds without tripping a single laser or letting the Bible touch the ground. Six-year-old Morgan was close behind him, and four-year-old Isaac was amazing. Even two-year-old Mary Lise did the course several times, with help from her older siblings. Mommy and Daddy each ran it as well, but our times weren’t nearly as impressive. It’s harder for big people!

It’s such a thrill to find an activity that everyone in the family can enjoy, and I was especially thrilled to find one that also provided physical therapy exercises for Isaac. We will definitely do it again soon, and I think I see a “Spy Kids” birthday party in our future, perhaps with some sock-ball “minions” thrown in for added fun!

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