Greeting a Friend

A few days ago, my five year old asked me what I would do if I saw Jesus.  After trying to put into words the excitement I would feel, I finally told Zach that I would pretend he was Jesus, and show him instead.  In this scenario, when I caught sight of “Jesus”, I dropped to my knees and paid homage, but then ran into his arms, hugging him and pretend-crying ecstatically. 

In the days since, I’ve thought about that role play, and realized that a few short years ago, my greeting would have been very different.  “Um, hi,” would have been more like it.  Pretty inadequate, but what more could I do with someone that I barely knew?

When I think of everything that’s happened in the last few years to bring me closer to Jesus, the list seems endless.  Joining the Catholic Church, receiving Holy Eucharist for the first time and so many wonderful times since, participating in Bible studies, and doing some on my own, going to reconciliation, praying to God, and to Jesus, praying the Rosary, going through tough times, and praying more, going through good times, and praying still more.

I am so glad that I can call Jesus “friend”, but I know that I can do a lot more to be a better friend to Him. 

What would you do if you saw Jesus?  Would you be greeting your closest friend?  Or introducing yourself to someone you hardly know?  What can you do to be better friends with Jesus?

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  1. Cari Buis says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I really got to thinking after reading your post. My relationship with Him has suffered quite a bit in the last couple of years. Thanks for your insight.

    Cari :)

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