Daily Rosary Prayer Tip #1 – Make Mundane Tasks Spiritual

It’s May, the month of Mary.  What better time to begin a habit of praying the Rosary daily?  Yet, given the hectic schedule most people maintain these days, this can seem like an impossible goal.  So, I thought I’d share a few of my secrets for finding time to pray the Rosary every day, and will post several tips over the next few days, in celebration of the month of May.

Of course, the very best way to pray the Rosary is before the Blessed Sacrament, on your knees, giving full attention to Christ as his Mother walks with you through the mysteries of his life.  Our parish is blessed to have a Blessed Sacrament chapel that is open almost 24/7, and whenever I’m out running errands without the children, I stop in to spend a few minutes with Jesus and Mary in the Rosary.  Unfortunately, I only find myself out, about, and childless every couple of weeks.

In the absence of the Blessed Sacrament chapel, a nice, quiet room, on your knees, and with candles burning does quite nicely, even better if you can read scripture in between Hail Mary’s.  But reality sets in and it can be exceedingly difficult to find those twenty  minutes (or forty, if you’re adding scripture) in the midst of a busy life, especially when you’re also undertaking other spiritual practices, such as scripture reading, praying the Divine Office, prayer journaling, etc.

Some people may scorn my methods, but I live in the real world and am only human.  So here’s…

Daily Rosary Prayer Tip #1: Make Mundane Tasks Spiritual

I actually got this idea from Ann Winkle, founder of Mary’s WAY. She spoke at my parish’s Mary’s WAY dinner in October, and talked about her mother, who prayed a decade every day for each of her eleven children. Ann joked about the fact that her mom somehow seemed to fold clothes one handed, while the other hand held her Rosary.

Turn that mound of laundry into your Mount of Olives...

After hearing this, I was inspired to try to pray a decade every day for my own children, and I knew that the only way I could do it was by perfecting Ann’s mother’s methodology. I tried it the next day, but found that I am not that dextrous. So I came up with a different trick. At the beginning of each decade, I count out ten peices of clothing, which stand in for my Rosary beads. This works quite beautifully, and allows me to make a mundane task very prayerful.

I have also been known to do this while cleaning the dishes.  I have ten river rocks that I keep on the window sill above my sink.  For each Hail Mary, I move a rock.  This can be modified for mopping or vacuuming the floor, by moving the rocks from one pocket to the other.

In the beginning, I found it hard to really focus on my prayer as I was multi-tasking.  However, I persisted, and I have had some wonderful, deep meditations, which would not have happened if I had waited until I was able to spend time in focused prayer.

Give it a try, and let me know what you think!

If you like this tip, please share it with your friends.  If you’d like to read more,

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