Daily Rosary Prayer Tip #2 – Pray with Purpose

I think its much easier to make time for something if you feel that you’re doing it for a purpose, especially when that purpose is something close to your heart.  A couple of years ago, I felt that I needed to add purpose and intention to my Rosary prayer, by having a specific intention for each Rosary.  As I started to do this, I realized that my prayer was too narrowly focused.  While I was praying for my husband, my children, myself and other close family and friends, I was rarely praying for the broader good.

In response, I wrote a list of daily Rosary intentions in the front of my prayer journal.  Two years later I am still praying for the same intentions, and I feel that it has been instrumental in helping me to maintain my daily Rosary habit.  There are days when I feel like being lazy and skipping my Rosary time, but then I think about the intention for that day, and realize, “how can I not pray for that today?  Is it not worthy of my twenty minutes?  Is it less important than the other things that I would do instead?”  And I go ahead and pray.

To give you some ideas, here are my daily intentions:

  • Monday – The Holy Souls in Purgatory
  • Tuesday- Conversions to Christianity and the Church (and, during RCIA season, I also pray for RCIA candidates).  I firmly believe that my husband’s conversion was largely thanks the many Rosaries I offered up for him.
  • Wednesday – my Godchildren (This works out nicely, since I have five – one for each decade)
  • Thursday – my husband and my children (also works out nicely with four kids and one husband :) )
  • Friday – Respect for life/End to abortion
  • Saturday – Our nation
  • Sunday – The Church, her leaders, religious and laypeople

There are days that I miss, and days where I only pray two or three decades, but by and large this idea of “praying with purpose” has really kept me on track.  In fact, very often, if I miss a day, I will make it up within the next couple of days.

I don’t mean for this in any way to sound like a chore, or something I feel I have to do.  Sure, there are days when I’m just not “feeling it”, when the inspiration and spirituality seems to be lacking.  At those times I remember that someone once said (maybe Pope JPII?) that the prayers we pray when we don’t feel like praying are the ones that God loves the most.

For the most part, though, praying the Rosary is something I want to do, and something that I’ve received tremendous graces from.  I find blessing in knowing that my prayers can bless the lives of others, and make a difference in the world, in addition to changing my own life.  I pray that you will experience the same blessing in your life  as well.


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