Mary Saved Me from a Traffic Ticket

Just a fun story to share… on Saturday, I was driving on the south side of Indianapolis.  I was doing 65 in a 55, which is perfectly acceptable on most of the I465 loop, but apparently not in this particular area.  I was praying the Rosary, driving in the left hand lane to pass a car, when I saw a vehicle off the left side of the road ahead.  There was a person standing next to the car, and when he went to get back into his car I realized that it was a police officer and, since I was the fastest moving vehicle, I was sure he had tagged me.  As I came closer, he began to move as if he were going to pull out onto the highway, and I was certain that he was coming out to pull me over.  In the middle of a “Hail Mary,” I interjected “Please save me from this police officer.”  As soon as I said it, the officer slowed down and parked again on the side of the road.  I have no doubt but which Our Lady saved me on that one!  Thank you, Blessed Mother!!!!!!

OK, it may be a total sacrilege to interject prayers for avoidance of well-deserved traffic tickets into the Rosary, but it worked, so… I guess it must have been within God’s will, right?

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