Mary Wasn’t A Diva

It’s been a long day.  You’ve been riding on the back of a camel – yes, a camel! - for hours, with little to eat or drink along the way.  The day has been hot, but as evening sets in it’s getting quite chilly.  Top all of this off with the fact that your water broke a few hours ago, and the labor pains are coming on strong.  Your husband is trying to find a place for you to spend the night, but the inn is full.  The kind innkeeper has offered the only thing he has – the stable.

Do you: A.) Throw a fit, telling your husband and the innkeeper just where they can put that stable?  B.) Take the offer of the stable but complain for the rest of the night? or C.) Accept what little is available with a gracious heart and not so much as one complaint?

It’d be B for me.  I’d make sure all night long that my husband and every cow, sheep, and horse in that barn realized that I deserved to be sainted for what I was going through.  And I wouldn’t let my husband forget about it for years, no, scratch that.  The rest of his life.

Yet another of my imperfections that I can recognize when I look at how Mary lived her life. I’m quite certain that she took answer C.  I imagine she graciously thanked the innkeeper, and when Joseph fretted that she ought to have something more comfortable, assured him that the stable was just fine.

Now, if I can just remember this the next time I encounter a crowded airplane, dirty public restroom, or a long line at the grocery store, perhaps one day I, too, can earn saint hood!


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