My Story

My name is Stephanie Engelman. I am a wife of eight years, and mother of four children.  We live in Indiana, where we struggle like most families to get it right. With the grace of God, we accomplish that… sometimes!

I was raised Methodist, but my faith was never a very big part of my life.  God was reserved for church, bedtime prayers, and major holidays.  If you mentioned Jesus outside of these occassions, you must be a Bible thumper and, ergo, a freak.

One day my oldest sister Suzanne informed me that she and her husband, also a Methodist, were converting to the Catholic faith.  I thought she had lost her mind.  I had always thought that Catholics were like members of some strange cult.  I couldn’t understand why my sister and her husband, both of whom I respected, would have made such a radical decision.  Eager to punch holes in her reasoning, I agreed to read a book she recommended – Rome Sweet Home, by Dr. Scott Hahn.

After reading Rome Sweet Home, I could certainly see the Biblical reasoning of the Catholic faith, but I still wasn’t convinced.  Over the following two years, I began to feel increasingly called to the Catholic Church.  Finally, I gave in to the urge to attend Mass at our local parish, St. Malachy’s.  The moment I walked through the doors, I felt a huge weight lift from my shoulders, one that I hadn’t even known existed.  I knew that I had no choice but to convert to the Catholic faith.  It was clear that was what God was calling me to do.  Oddly, that was the first time in my life that I recognized the call of the Holy Spirit, and certainly the first time I had heeded it.

I continued to read about the Catholic faith, and went through RCIA.  I was confirmed into the Church at Easter, 2005.  My faith continued to grow, and became a true passion when I participated in a Beth Moore Bible study at a nearby Lutheran church.  I finally realized that the Bible, this book that I had always considered boring, was actually the best book ever written!

No, I am not a theologian.  I am a far cry from a Bible scholar, though I dream of someday returning to school to study theology, and becoming an author on that same subject.  I started this blog because, once again, I felt called by the Holy Spirit.  I have a passion and love for Christ and for my faith which I love to share.  I long to see the whole world ignited with a fire for Jesus!  It is my prayer that, through this blog, at least one person will be drawn closer to our lord Jesus the Christ.

Enjoy your foray into my blog.  If you find it helpful, please sign up for the RSS feed and share it with a friend. 

May you walk your life’s journey in love with Christ!


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